Head of Department Message

Dear Students,

In line with rapid developments in science and technology, borders among nations have become almost symbolic. This leads to the unavoidable result that national culture, economy, science and social life will change as well. Competition, the natural result of this development, means that a certain progress has to be accomplished in higher education, research and development.

Ever since it was founded in the 1977-1978 academic year (the same year the Faculty of Engineering was founded), the goal of the curriculum carried out at the mechanical engineering department has been to make the contributions necessary to produce high quality engineers and researchers.

Mechanical engineering had a critical role to play in the development of civilization and today has become a wide field. Recent developments show that mechanical engineering will continue to maintain its importance.

The primary goal of our world-recognized academic staff is to transfer knowledge to our students and enable them to be top-grade contributors both to the science and technology field and to our knowledge-based, production-focused national economy.

It is our sincere wish that the department will continue to be a source of high-quality engineers and researchers that have a solid foundation in engineering science and who are totally integrated in the knowledge age.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Necdet ALTUNTOP

Head of Department