About the Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering

1. About the Department

Mechanical Engineering is the creative application of science and expertise to design, construction and operation of products and processes. Mechanical Engineers combine imagination with modern technology to offer innovative solutions to meet the complex requirements of society and industrial.

There are currently over 1700 students studying at Mechanical Engineering Department. The main areas of study are Heat and Energy Engineering and Manufacturing-Construction Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering Department has a very high reputation. Students enrolled on the Mechanical Engineering schemes will meet the growing demands of a range of industries with the wide range of module options available you can choose to focus your studies on applied mechanics and system dynamics, thermal science and energy technology, materials science and manufacturing technology. The schemes are therefore well suited to those wishing to become either engineering managers or those wishing to become involved in the application of new technologies in a range of industries.

The wide spectrum of jobs available range from research to designing and deriving the highest economic benefits from the application of new technologies.

2. Technical Infrastructure

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Material Testing Laboratory
Machine Dynamics Laboratory
Thermodynamics Laboratory 
Mechanics Laboratory 
Tribology Research Laboratory 
Materials Research Laboratory 
Heat Engineering Laboratory
Heat Transfer Laboratory 
Mechanical Workshop 
Engine Laboratory
Robotics and Control Laboratory

3. Employment Opportunities

Universities and Research Institutions,
Manufacturing industry,
Automotive industry,
Steel production and casting industry,
Design and manufacturing of natural gas systems,
Design and management of heating and cooling systems,
Factory maintenance systems,
Design and manufacturing of automation and control systems,
Food industry,
Project planning and consulting services,
Energy sectors,
Textile sectors.

4. Scholarship Opportunities

Our local students may seek financial and housing support from Turkish government. Besides, other non-governmental educational support organizations such as Turkish Education Foundation, Hacı Ömer Sabancı Foundation, do also offer fellowships and scholarships to successful students.